Laureacy of "California Psalms" in Russian Federation Poetry Contest


In February 2008 Tatyana Apraksina's poem cycle California Psalms (1999) was named a laureate of the second annual poetry contest I will never part with anyone, held by the Russian Department of International Affairs' Russian Center for International Scientific and Cultural Collaboration (Roszarubezhtsenter) in partnership with Literary Gazette (Moscow) in honor of the Russian Federation's Russian Language Year, 2007.


Apraksina's Psalms are represented in the contest's literary anthology, I Dream in Russian (Moscow: Literary Gazette Publishing House).


Anthology editor Sergei Glovyuk, in his introduction, makes special mention of Apraksina and Psalms: "This is a powerful, extraordinary poet, with an individual, unique style and theme and a distinctive creative method. In some highest sense, the Russian world's diaspora emerges as a kind of avant-garde division of the Russian language and culture, situated in a zone of intense, energizing contacts during a change of epochs and mingling of tribes."


About Tatyana Apraksina:

Tatyana Apraksina is known as an artist and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper (journal) Apraksin Blues, which since 2001 has been published in the U.S. (California). Apraksin Blues, which since 2001 has been published in the U.S. (California). In recent years she has also strikingly emerged in literature: prose (Lessons for 'Orly etc.) and poetry (California Psalms etc.).

T. Apraksina's creative trajectory began in the unofficial culture of Leningrad, U.S.S.R., in the 1970s. In the 1980s she received recognition as the author of cycles of paintings and graphic works dedicated to the theme of her native city, St. Petersburg. Later, her creative attention came to focus for many years on the area of classical music and its performance.

Since the '80s through the '00s numerous personal exhibits of T. Apraksina's artistic work have taken place in Leningrad-Petersburg, Moscow, Vitebsk, in Austria, Germany and the U.S.

Since the '00s, Apraksina has created new cycles of visual art related to the theme of the sources of culture.

Apraksina has been editor-in-chief of Apraksin Blues since 1995.


From Apraksin Blues:

In the mass media within Russia and other countries, inaccuracies briefly circulated regarding Tatyana Apraksina's authorship of California Psalms. Apraksin Blues would appreciate assistance and notification of any further erroneous statements.

We confirm the biographical data printed in the journal Neva (St. Petersburg) along with California Psalms' publication there, as correct:


Thank you,


Apraksin Blues


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